What’s a “Zero Day Threat”?

It isn’t the name of a hard rock band. Well, it might be at this point, but that’s not relevant in this context.

A Zero-Day Threat is an attack that takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability. Cyber criminals discover a security flaw and write new code to exploit it.

There are a lot of similar phrases out there: “Zero-Day Exploit”, “Zero-Day Attack”, and “Zero-Hour Attack.”

What’s the deal with that zero designation? The attack begins without any prior awareness by the product developers – they’re clued in on “Day Zero”.

Why is this kind of threat so dangerous for small and mid-sized businesses? 60% of companies that are hacked go out of business within six months. Without a security patch or guidance on how to minimize exposure, every passing day is an opportunity for infection.

What’s the good news? Zero-Day Threats can be stopped very early under some circumstances. For example, Microsoft has developed a robust set of tooling they call Advanced Threat Protection.

With ATP’s Safe Attachments feature, suspicious email attachments are moved into a sandbox environment for testing. Using machine learning, ATP gets progressively better at identifying and eliminating risky attachments – even if the threat was previously unknown.

What is Brilliance Teams’s approach to cyber security?

Our staff receives rigorous, ongoing cyber security training. We proactively educate our clients, vendors, and other industry partners.
We offer our clients a wide variety of security products including Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection. We will never have a one-size-fits-all mentality.
We encrypt data, install patches/updates, and keep antivirus software up-to-date.
We monitor hardware and software 24/7 for critical errors, viruses, and unusual behavior.
If there is a data breach, we fix affected systems and restore files and emails from the most recent backup.
Do you have questions about Zero-Day threats or how to make your business more secure?

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