Unsafe Email Is Just Asking For Compromise!

If you believe your email is private and secure, think again. In today’s high cyber threat world, you need as much protection as possible. With more companies deploying Office 365, email security remains more relevant than ever.

Cyber criminals often see email collaboration tools like Office 365 and G Suite as high-value targets. It is never prudent to rely on one layer of protection. For about the cost of a cup of coffee a month per user, businesses can add another security layer to Office 365 to significantly mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

Email continues to be the most common method of entry to the network. The following stats are truly alarming:

56% of email traffic is spam. 1
Email accounts for 94% of malware delivery methods. 2
34% of breaches involve internal actors (bet this is low since companies don’t admit culpability by their own). 3
29% of breaches involve the use of stolen credentials, known as credential stuffing. 4
94% of organizations have experienced a phishing attack to steal user data, login credentials, and credit card numbers. 5
IT managed service providers say that the most critical security solutions are anti-virus (82%), advanced firewall (74%), anti-spam (63%), intrusion detection and prevention (56%), two factor authentication (55%), vulnerability scanning (41%). 6
We can address many of the most common email-related problems with TCG’s innovative cyber security product, TecSecure. For example:

Problem: Your staff is one click away from calamity: spam, viruses, malware and phishing threats.
Solution: Advanced Threat Protection offers near 100% filtering accuracy for inbound & outbound email.
Problem: Email server outages/downtime causes business interruptions, costing time and potential business loss.
Solution: 24/7 built-in email continuity allows users to continue to receive, read and send email.
Problem: Critical emails have been deleted, either accidentally or maliciously.
Solution: Encrypted, long-term email archiving helps ensure a safe and searchable history of email communications to avoid losing email messages and important emails. 7
TCG has a customized solution for any of these problems and many others as well. Businesses of all sizes and industries appreciate the visibility and control that TecSecure offers. TCG can review spam reporting on your behalf and help administer the release, removal, blocking, and blacklisting/whitelisting of messages. To put it short, TCG can do it all!

Don’t wait for email disasters to happen. Assess your email security stack today and put together a comprehensive plan. Remember, Brilliance Team is a great resource for consultation and honest advice.

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