VoIP Unlimited

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is your phone services over the internet, and it can offer a number of advantages over a traditional telephone line. VoIP is usually more affordable and more reliable than a traditional phone line, and offers a much better experience. Because VoIP calls are routed using your high speed data lines rather than public telephone networks, long distance becomes less expensive and calls are more reliable. The voice quality of calls is also increased and options like video calling are available. It can also help get phone calls to where you are rather than tying you to an office phone line so you can focus on getting other things done without worrying about missing an important phone call.

From adding an office line to your home office or forwarding calls to your cell phone when you’re out and about VoIP Unlimited offers a comprehensive solution for your business.¬†VoIP Unlimited includes features like call waiting, multiple lines, extensions, automated prompts, voice mail, caller ID, and much more. Help keep your business connected by utilizing VoIP in conjunction with professional email hosting and bring your business communications into the 21st century.

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