Network Support

Network support is a critical part of any successful business. Networked computers allow users to collaborate and communicate. An optimal network has several important advantages for you and your employees: file sharing, resource sharing, communication, collaborative documents, and application sharing. Think about coming into work tomorrow and not having access to the internet; would you be able to conduct business without access to information, news, vendor contacts, email or other services?

Tucson’s Brilliance IT Team can help maximize your network efficiency and minimize your downtime. With options like data backup and VoIP you can start using your network as a more effective tool to help run your business.  Brilliance IT can help you scale your network to suit your business and discuss options to create the best plan of action for your needs.

Our IT Compass allows you the ability to tailor the level of support for each network connected device. This lets you choose the right amount of support without the cost of hiring a full time IT staff. We understand that figuring out where to go next can be hard enough without having to add in house IT into the mix. With IT Compass you focus on your business and let us navigate IT.