Chances are you sitting somewhere in the Tucson metro area in an office. You are reading this because you either do not have an IT person on staff or you are unhappy with whoever handles your computers. Cue the drum roll. You found us. I am going to toss in the three reasons why you should do business with us right now then write a little more below that.

Why Work With Brilliance?

No Long-term

We’ll earn your business every month. So there’s no need to hold you hostage with a long-term commitment.

Personalized IT

Having Brilliance as your IT department gives you the breadth of skills to solve problems, procure hardware, and get the support your team needs to do their jobs.


When you work with Brilliance, we give you the total cost of our services up front. Because nobody likes surprises.

Now that that is out of the way. You really don’t need a full time IT staffer to handle most of your common IT issues. You just need them dealt with before they become a problem. Call us and we will come out and fix your immediate issue. Then let us set a meeting with you to make sure you just don’t have issues in the future. It’s that simple. You shouldn’t have to deal with this down time. You deserve better.

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Network Support

Network support is a critical part of any successful business. Networked computers allow users to collaborate and communicate. An optimal network has several important advantages for you and your employees: file sharing, resource sharing, communication, collaborative documents, and application sharing.

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Small Business IT

Small business IT is an often overlooked yet integral part of running your business. Think about the person you go to when you have a computer related problem at work. Often times is the person at the office that knows a little more about computers.

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Hardware & Software

Your business network breaks down into two main parts: hardware and software. Hardware is the physical computer and network equipment that you operate on every day, and software is the programs and underlying instructions that make everything work, and hopefully work together.

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Email & Web Hosting

Email and web hosting is an important part of a companies online presence, and often times is not given much consideration. “Bargain” options don’t offer the features that help a company shine online. A key to your businesses success is the ability for people to find and communicate with you on the web quickly.

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Backup Solutions

In today’s age of digital record keeping having backup solutions for your data is even more important than ever. In addition to things like natural disaster or human error wiping out important date there are viruses and hardware failures to worry about as well.

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VoIP Unlimited

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is your phone services over the internet, and it can offer a number of advantages over a traditional telephone line. VoIP is usually more affordable and more reliable than a traditional phone line, and offers a much better experience.

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