No one solution works for any person let alone a business. That is why Brilliance IT crafts holistic solutions to maintain your companies infrastructure. Message or Call us to find out what a custom solution looks like. 

View some examples of solutions below. 

Small business IT is an often overlooked yet integral part of running your business. Think about the person you go to when you have a computer related problem at work. Often times is the person at the office that knows a little more about computers. Solutions get worked out or pieced together as they’re needed, and they work for awhile, but eventually things start to get out of hand. This is a situation we have seen all too often; it kills productivity and often winds up leading to bigger IT problems down the road.

At Brilliance IT we focus on handling the technology so you can focus on your business and what you do best. Our technicians have the experience required to handle your small business IT needs from setting up hardware & software to handling email or website hosting. We have worked with small businesses in Tucson for over a decade, so we know what it takes to keep your small business IT working its best.

We understand it’s prohibitive to hire a full or even part time IT staff, so we are the perfect fit for businesses with 5-100 work stations. We have years of experience handling IT needs of Tucson companies probably just like yours.

Your business network breaks down into two main parts: hardware and software. Hardware is the physical computer and network equipment that you operate on every day, and software is the programs and underlying instructions that make everything work, and hopefully work together. Brilliance IT will configure your network and all attached devices such as: servers, routers, switches, computers, printers, and other peripheral devices as well as set up any necessary programs. This will allows us to have your networked hardware and software operating at an optimal level for your workflow.

Deciding which hardware and software to use when upgrading can be an arduous task. Brilliance IT will help you choose the best path when it comes to upgrading old or outdated equipment or finding a new solution for your business. We partner with industry leaders in to bring you reliable and affordable solutions from backing up your data to upgrading your workstations.

Brilliance IT’s Tucson technicians are experienced in a variety of software used in small businesses just like yours. We likely use some of the exact same programs and we are happy to help get them installed and configured in a way that works best for your business. We only resell licensed and genuine software from all of our partners.

Network support is a critical part of any successful business. Networked computers allow users to collaborate and communicate. An optimal network has several important advantages for you and your employees: file sharing, resource sharing, communication, collaborative documents, and application sharing. Think about coming into work tomorrow and not having access to the internet; would you be able to conduct business without access to information, news, vendor contacts, email or other services?
Tucson’s Brilliance IT Team can help maximize your network efficiency and minimize your downtime. With options like data backup and VoIP you can start using your network as a more effective tool to help run your business. Brilliance IT can help you scale your network to suit your business and discuss options to create the best plan of action for your needs.

Our IT Compass allows you the ability to tailor the level of support for each network connected device. This lets you choose the right amount of support without the cost of hiring a full time IT staff. We understand that figuring out where to go next can be hard enough without having to add in house IT into the mix. With IT Compass you focus on your business and let us navigate IT.

In today’s age of digital record keeping having backup solutions for your data is even more important than ever. In addition to things like natural disaster or human error wiping out important date there are viruses and hardware failures to worry about as well. There are many ways to back up critical data and the best method will vary for each business. One or more of the following backup solutions will insure that you are never left without data critical to running your business.

  1. Disaster recovery images – This is a complete image (exact copy) of your whole system including operating system, installed programs, and files. In the event of hardware failure, destroyed or stolen computers, or natural disaster these can have you up and running on a new system as soon as the same business day.
  2. On-site storage – Backups of the desired data is stored on-site for easy restore in the event of hardware failure or accidental deletion of data. Data can be restored in a few minutes to several hours depending on the amount of data.
  3. Critical off-site storage – Files critical to the day-to-day operation of your business are stored in a secure off-site location and backed up at regular intervals of you’re choosing. This includes accounting files, customer data, purchase orders, etc. This is often combined with option two for redundant backups of your most critical data.
  4. Business Continuity – A virtual version of your machine and all data from the most recent backup can be set up in the cloud to get you up and running seamlessly from any machine. Useful in the event of catastrophic hardware failure, natural disaster, theft of equipment or anything else that would leave you without your normal work computer. This includes operating system, all software, and files on the computer.