Sick and tired of playing catch up with your technology?

A 29-point FREE Network Report ($500 Value) from the Brilliance Team can help you transition from a break/fix mentality to preventative maintenance to keep your network running smoothly.

“Why can’t my technology just work?” If you’ve ever asked yourself a similar question Brilliance IT would like to offer you a FREE network report. This 29-Point Preventative Maintenance Audit includes:

Free Network Report

    • •   Scan for hidden spyware, malware, and vulnerabilities in your network security that could allow intruders or viruses to compromise your network and sensitive data.


  • •   Offer advice about upgrading or adding equipment, cloud storage solutions, or other projects you might be considering.



  • •   Diagnose any chronic problems or ongoing concerns you are currently experiencing with your network.



  • •   Check the integrity of current backups. (Note: Some backup systems have high rates of failure; don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you figure out yours weren’t working!)



  • •   Monitor your server logs and hardware state to catch developing problems before they turn into unexpected downtime.