Challenge You recognize that adding digital signage would improve message effectiveness throughout your hospital, clinic or other healthcare service location – dynamically welcoming patients, communicating to staff, delivering directional and emergency notifications – plus supporting brand and PR initiatives. However, the cost, complexity and skills needed to implement it are prohibitive. Is there a way to make digital signage easier and less time consuming? Solution Compatible with Brilliance IT commercial displays and media players, makes world-class digital signage more accessible than ever. An intuitive and user-friendly interface provides a simple “do-it-yourself” solution that is cost-effective and easy to use. The drag-and-drop playlist editor supports all common image and video formats, Office documents, web pages and more. A single PC can manage any number of digital signs worldwide, with no advanced technical skills required.

  • With its ultra-low learning curve, simple set up and ease of use, Brilliance Displays empowers users to:
  • Build stunning content with PowerPoint and other familiar apps
  • Configure displays automatically with the one-click “Find” feature
  • Add eye-catching widgets: calendar, clock, weather and scrolling text
  • Schedule content based on time, date and day of the week
  • Administer signage networks of any size from a single PC
  • Manage digital signs worldwide with one or multiple administrators
  • Engage audiences with interactive touch content
  • Support media players for Windows® and Android™